About Me!

Paul Allsopp

I’m a Zend Certified PHP Engineer, with more than 10 years of experience in enterprise PHP application development, and more than 20 years in professional software development.

I have a solid understanding of modern web technologies and standards, including: RESTful APIs, SOAP web services, micro-services, PubSub clients, and client-server communication over sockets.

I am a completely self-driven individual who has worked remotely for 7 out of the last 11 years of my career.

I have worked in small, 3-5 developer teams, and in large 15+ developer teams, so understand the importance of both the team dynamic, and team communication. I’ve also worked in full enterprise teams with ProjectManagers, UX Designers, Developers, QA, and Systems Engineers so fully understand the importance of SDLC and inter-department communication.

I have experience working in Continuous Integration environments, using Jenkins, Git, Fabric, and Zend Server technologies with automated tests (both BDD and TDD), and deployment strategies.

My primary development languages are PHP and JavaScript, but I can turn my hand to Python and Java when needed, and am currently branching out into VueJs, big data, and machine learning.

When I am not writing code for a work project, I like to spend my time building my home automation system (I’m a big proponent of IoT), creating my own electronics hardware, and writing the software for them.